Head of Commercial Services and Projects

Annette McDonald

Head of Commercial Services and Projects, EDH

Under the direction of the Assistant Principal and Dean of HE, Annette takes operational responsibility for the organisation and management of RADA. This includes the co-ordination of interventions to businesses across the college.  She also takes strategic responsibility for, and leads skills and workforce development.

To contact Annette please email: AnnetteM@reaseheath.ac.uk

The Business Growth Programme team

The Business Growth Programme is staffed by experienced KT, research, demonstration and project management staff. The team and partner organisations are professional, accessible and flexible in their dedication to filling the skills and knowledge gaps that the farming community needs in order to be profitable and sustainable.

Janet Nuzum

ERDF Business Advisor

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To contact Janet, please e-mail: Janet.Nuzum@reaseheath.ac.uk

Jan Nuzum is the Business  Advisor for the ERDF Business Growth team. She comes to the team having served in numerous roles in the British Army including personnel development, project management, strategic and operational planning, training and development.

In her appointment at Reaseheath College, Jan brings her extensive and wide-ranging experiences and knowledge to assist businesses on their growth journeys. She is passionate about understanding the challenges businesses face in taking their company to the next level and she provides practical and workable solutions to enable their growth.  Jan’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership.

Lesley Innes

Knowledge Transfer Facilitator

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From a farming background, Lesley is enthusiastic about her role in knowledge transfer (KT) in agriculture. Lesley’s recent experience comes through her work as the Cheshire KT facilitator and coordinator of the  Livestock Northwest Programme which focused on Beef/Sheep and Dairy monitor farms, open discussion meetings and demonstration events. Lesley is now working on farmer-led on-farm discussion meetings, demonstration events and skills training, predominantly using the facilities here at Reaseheath Farm. The aim is to continually improve farm profitability in all sectors through knowledge transfer and sharing best practice.

To contact Lesley, please e-mail: lesleyi@reaseheath.ac.uk

Beth Chinn

ERDF Business Growth Programme Coordinator

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Beth is responsible for co-ordinating the Reaseheath Business Growth Programme work and ensuring the project remains compliant and on track. Beth started with the RADA (Reaseheath Agricultural Development Academy) team as a projects administrator which allowed her to gain invaluable knowledge and experience on various projects leading to her promotion, first to Assistant Project Manager and then to Project Co-ordinator. Beth’s key skills are her adaptability, problem solving and communication.

To contact Beth please e-mail: bethc@reaseheath.ac.uk or call 01270 616492