Level 3 Diplomas in

Environmental Art and Design

Leading to an Extended Diploma, Diploma or Subsidiary Diploma

Do you have:

  • Creativity, imagination and lots of unique ideas
  • Drawing skills and an interest in learning CAD and other digital design technologies
  • An enquiring mind and a fascination with design
  • A desire to develop craft and hands-on making skills

This is an exciting opportunity to study contemporary design creativity whilst specialising in 3D Design. The course will provide you with a basic foundation in Art and Design including contemporary craft skills, design thinking, process and production, sketching and CAD as well as encouraging business and enterprise skills.

What will you do?

  • Develop and evaluate design ideas through drawing, model making and prototyping
  • Create using a range of natural materials and specialist equipment
  • Research, develop and create 3D spaces and furnishings
  • Work collaboratively and individually within a design studio and workshop setting

Knowledge and skills in essential techniques and processes will be applied to interior and exterior spatial design,  product and furniture design  focussing on all stages involved in the creative process from brief to production. The hands-on approach will encourage you to develop essential skills as well as creative thinking to enable the creation of innovative designs that consider the environment as well as sustainable resource use.

The 3D Environmental Design programme recognises that design is an activity that shapes our world. We aim for our students to find their own place from where they can lead or contribute to this process.

Course includes

What will I study?

  • Visual recording
  • Materials, techniques and processes
  • Ideas and concepts
  • Communication through art and design
  • Contextual influences
  • Design methods
  • Design principles
  • Computers in art and design
  • 3D design media, techniques and technology
  • Exploring specialist techniques
  • Extending specialist techniques
  • Large scale working
  • Large scale design
  • Human scale working
  • Human scale design
  • Small scale working
  • Small scale design
  • Product design
  • Public art
  • Management of art and design projects
  • Developing business models
  • Functional Skills or GCSE in English and Maths depending on previous qualifications

How long will it take?

  • 2 years

What qualifications do I need to start?

  • At least 4 GCSEs at grade C or above preferably including English, Maths and Science or
  • Equivalent Level 2 Diploma

What qualifications will I gain?

Course options after this programme

  • This course allows progression to multi-disciplinary routes into further HE study including Landscape Design,  Interior Design, Product Design, Sustainable Product Design, Architecture, Architectural Technology
  • Foundation Degree in Garden and Landscape Design (with a BSc top up option)

Career options

  • Designer-maker
  • Contemporary craft artist
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Furniture designer-maker

Transferable skills

  • Design ability is recognised by businesses across a range of sectors as an important component for innovation, productivity and growth
  • Design skills that are increasingly valued include creativity, flexibility and adaptability, communication and negotiating skills and management and leadership skills as well as collaborative working and project building

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