Nantwich Christian Council Millennium Bursary

Nantwich Christian Council Millennium Bursary is available annually to contribute towards the travel or subsistence costs necessarily incurred by young people (who are members of the Nantwich churches) who volunteer for Christian work abroad. The 2016 Bursary will be awarded to one individual or to two or more, at the judges’ discretion.

For more information and an application form, please speak to your Priest / Minister. 

In 2015 the Bursary was awarded to Aoife Walsh (Nantwich Elim Community and Malbank School)  who spent 3 weeks working with children in India; with a second award made to Susanna Findlay (Nantwich Elim Community and Brine Leas School) who spent 5 months working with a charity in Peru; and a third award to Imogen Rogers (St. Anne’s RC church and St. Joseph’s College, Stoke) who worked in a Children’s Centre in Bolivia.