Riding Club Showing

Click here to download the Riding Club Showing points for 2016-17.


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Ridden classes – 9am start

Class 1Best turned out
Class 2Riding Club Horse (149cm and above)
Class 3 Riding Club Pony (148cm and under)
Class 4 Lead Rein/First Ridden Equitation
Class 5 Equitation (with option of side saddle – divided into junior and senior sections if sufficient entries)
Class 6 Novice Horse and Pony (divided into horse and pony sections if sufficient entries)
Class 7 Arabs/Anglo-Arabs/Lusitano/Andalusion Breeds
Class 8 Riding/ Show/ Hack Type
Class 9 Welsh A, B, C, D (Section will be divided if sufficient entries)
Class 10Show Hunter/Hunter Type
Class 11 Cobs/Heavy Horses
Class 12 Coloured/Spotted/Palomino/ Dun
Class 13Ridden mountain and moorland (exc Welsh)
Class 14 Veterans (16 years and over)
Class 15Ex Racehorses
Bonny Pony Will follow class 15 Entry £2 (points not awarded)

In-hand classes – 1pm start

Class 16Youngstock (3 years and under)
Class 17Novice Horse and Pony (divided into horse and pony if sufficient entries)
Class 18Best Turned Out
Class 19In Hand Horse (Open to any age, any sex exceeding 148cm)
Class 20In Hand Pony (Open to any age, any sex under 148cm)
Class 21Arabs/ Anglo-Arabs/ Lusitanos/ Andalusian breeds
Class 22Show Hunter/ Hunter Type
Class 23 Coloured/ Spotted/ Palomino/ Dun
Class 24 Veterans (16 years and over)
Class 25 Mountain and Moorland (exc Welsh)
Class 26Young Handlers (16 years and under)
Class 27Ex-Racehorses
Class 28Welsh A, B, C, D (divided if sufficient entries)
Class 29Riding/ Show/ Hack Type
Class 30 Part Breed (divided if sufficient entries)
Class 31 Cobs/Heavy horses (open to hogged and traditional)

Rosettes and points to 6th place in all classes.