Upcoming dates

Our next Show jumping event is on Saturday 18th November. This event will be an unaffiliated show and we will not be running BS club or BS just for schools on this date.

Further dates:

  • Saturday 9th December 2017
  • Saturday 27th January 2018
  • Saturday 24th February 2018
  • Saturday 24th March 2018


8.30am — 9.30am

Clear Round


Class 1   40cm

Class 2   50cm

Class 3   60cm

Classes 4– 8 to commence no earlier than 12

Classes 4-8 will also run alongside BS ‘Club and ‘Just for Schools’

If large entries there may be a delay on start time

Class 4   70cm*

Class 5   80cm*

Class 6   90cm*

Class 7   1m*

The competition will run under BS Rules.

For more information please see the British Show Jumping website.


If sufficient entries classes may be splint into junior/senior

* Reaseheath Voucher for up to £10 for First Place

Class 1 starts at 9.30am. Classes will be roughly 45 mins per class

Competitors can call on the day if preferred on 01270 616497.

£10 per class (non-members), £8 per class (members).


All entries are made on the day.

Commercial and Resources Manager, Zoe Cappaert

Telephone : 01270 616482

Email: zoe.cappaert@reaseheath.ac.uk

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