Research and Development Event

Itinerary of the evening and details of the presentations:

Open and Welcome

18:00 Rachel Ellis-Jones, Assistant Principal and Dean of Higher Education.

Introduction to Innovation

18:10 – 18:25 Simon Burgess, ERDF Business Development Manager ‘The seven stages of Innovation’.

Optional Presentations

18:30Janet Nuzum
ERDF Business Advisor
Introduction to Business Growth Programme and how we could support your business
18:45John Sorsby
Head of Food/Commercial
An introduction to Reaseheath Food Centre. Who are we? Our history? Who do we work with? What can we offer your food business?
19:00Louise Swindels
Equine Graduate
British Equestrian trade association thesis of the year winner ‘An investigation into the efficacy of steaming hay for horses’
19:15Yvette Foulds-Davis
Higher Education Programme Leader in Animal Sciences
Challenges of enclosure design for mixed species
19:15Mark Biddulph
Programme Leader in Agriculture
The Association of Colleges Dairy LEAN management project overview and update

This open forum event allowed visitors to move between multiple areas which include presentations, department virtual tours, glasshouse tour and poster viewing which showcased previous and current industry commissioned projects.

Open Forum poster viewing area

18:25 – 20:00

Posters created by Reaseheath students to showcase their research topics and ideas, read more below

Horticulture Glasshouse Tours

18:45 – 19:05

19.30 – 19.50

Optional tours of the Horticulture department’s state of the art automated glasshouses

Virtual reality and drone technology

18:25 – 20:00

Discussing use and limitations of virtual reality and examining drone use in habitat mapping and general marketing purposes

Virtual Tour of Reaseheath

18:25 – 20:00

Take a look behind the walls of Reaseheath across various departments and the resources and facilities we have available

The posters convey the high standard of research and trail work carried out by Reaseheath College staff and students. A number of our students have progressed on to prestigious industry, research careers and postgraduate research. If you think your business has a research opportunity for any of our students please come along to find out more or read about current and recent projects below:

  • Sarah Roberts – (FdSc in Dairy Technology) Poster title  ‘Validation of he Resazin dye test during raw milk intake’
  • John Clark – (FdSc in Dairy Technology) ‘Stability of vitamin D when added to a homogenised semi-skimmed milk’
  • Mark Panczak – (FdSc in Dairy Technology)  ‘Starter culture reduction in cheddar cheese’
  • Chris Hay – (FdSc in Dairy Technology) ‘Increasing yield of mature stilton by reducing weight loss through evaporation’. (published this month in the Journal of Dairy Technology)
  • Rhiannon Elsmore(BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘The effect of management practices on intestinal parasites in horses in the US’
  • Rosanna Jane Lyon  (BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘An Investigation into the Prevalence of Diet Related Diseases and Disorders within the UK Donkey Population’
  • Molly McSheehy (BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘Equine infertility and reproductive disease: factors affecting inadequate sexual behaviour in stallions’
  • Kathryn McLellan  (BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘Meconium retention in foals’
  • Rhiannon Elsmore  (BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘Diagnostic techniques for exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhaging in the equine’
  • Lucy Small (BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘Techniques used to diagnose chronic exertional rhabdomyolysis in equines’
  • Rebecca Molena  (BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘Effect of feed on plasma leptin and ghrelin concentrations in crib-biting horses’
  • Rosy Lyon, Equine Lecturer  (BSc Hons Equine Science) ‘The prevalence of diet related diseases and disorders within the UK donkey population (Blue Cross and Redwings)’
Animal Science
  • Amy Trower – (BSc Wildlife Conservation & Ecology) ‘The response of New Zealand pygmyweed (Crassula helmsii) and common water starwort (Callitriche stagnalis) to a common herbicide treatment: implications for invasion success in Britain’
  • Lucy Crowther – (BSc Wildlife Conservation & Ecology) ‘Bee diversity amongst differing farm landscapes’
  • Erin Palomba – (Level 6 BSc Hons Zoo Management student) ‘Using studbook data to aid population management: A case study of Bongo’s’
  • Conor Mcmillian – (Level 6 BSc Zoo Management) ‘Making dietary decisions for captive Pine Marten’
  • Hannah Morrow – (BSc Hons Horticulture Science and Production Technology) ‘Producing roses for the cut flower market’
  • Jane Lucas – (BSc Hons Horticulture Science and Production Technology) ‘Rubus idaeus growing guidelines; Craig Burgess’

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