Reaseheath gets top marks for quality of care

An Ofsted Care Standards inspection, published in September 2017, awards Reaseheath ‘Outstanding’ for its effectiveness in all areas inspected.

Key comments from the Ofsted inspection team include:

  • Staff support remarkable experiences and opportunities for students. Students make excellent social and academic progress during their residential placement.
  • Students say that being resident is a central part of their lives and promotes development. It helps them to believe that they can achieve their goals.
  • Students are invaluable partners in college development. They contribute meaningfully to shape important matters, including senior leader recruitment and student induction programmes.
  • Outstanding staff and college systems help students to settle into college life and make successful moves to their chosen work or study destinations.
  • Residential students exceed their high-performing day placement peers in educational and emotional achievement. They continue to be successful after they have left college, indicating high-quality development in emotional, social and academic capacity during their college life.
  • High calibre safeguarding practice means that students can develop personal strategies for staying safe and receive outstanding support when this is needed.
  • Leaders and managers show exceptional levels of competency. They model commitment, collaboration and dedication to the core values of the college. In turn, these values underpin unique experiences and excellent progress for students.

The college provides outstanding provision. It supports remarkable experiences and opportunities for students. They make excellent progress during their education placement. To paraphrase what many students said: ‘The safeguarding (residential) team is the best!’ Students told inspectors: ‘They are always there; they provide guidance and support. They look after us. They listen, they smile, and they keep boundaries. They make us feel safe and happy; we don’t always want to go home.’

Other points highlighted in the inspection include:

  • One student said: ‘People never expect kids in care to do well. Staff have helped me to believe I can. They never gave up on me; they could have, but they didn’t’
  • Students make choices and learn about group living in an atmosphere of trust and respect
  • Many students already feel settled by the time that they are just two weeks into their first experience of living away from home
  • The staff approach builds resilient young adults who make positive life choices
  • A recent initiative has been to engage with national and sector groups to champion improvement in the student mental health
  • The safeguarding team speaks to parents when students travel home during term time, to make sure that they have arrived. This attention to student safety is commendable and worthy of wider dissemination

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