Canine Studies – Distance Learning Modules

The Canine Studies programme is aimed at both dog owners who want to understand more about their own dogs, and those wishing to gain employment within the canine industry, start their own canine business or progress on to further studies.

The Canine Distance Learning modules are accredited through OCN at Level 3 (A level standard) and are delivered online by Reaseheath College to enable you to study from home at your own pace and around other commitments. You can choose to complete either the full Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies (which consists of four modules), or individual modules.

Each module costs £300 (including registration), and there are no pre-requisites for any of the modules. You can enrol at any time and there are no time restrictions for completion – however as a guide, each module should normally take 4-6 weeks.

Once you have enrolled, you will gain access to our online learning environment, and support will be available from your tutor (via email or phone).

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Canine care and welfare module

  • Dog Ownership – Choosing a dog, living with a dog, the law etc
  • The Puppy – Bringing up a puppy, development stages, socialisation
  • Care of the Dog – Feeding, exercise, grooming, training, travelling, the older dog
  • Preventing Problem Behaviour – Management, preventing specific problems e.g. separation anxiety, destruction, aggression, attention seeking behaviours etc
  • Health Care – Vaccinations, parasites, neutering, common health problems, first aid

Canine nutrition module

  • Module 1 – Digestive system
  • Module 2 – Nutrients – source and function – protein, carbohydrate, fats, water, vitamins and minerals
  • Module 3 – Feeding requirements through life e.g. puppies, young dogs, working dogs, breeding dogs/old dogs
  • Module 4 – Feeding for health and behaviour -allergies, role of diet in health, disease and behaviour

Canine behaviour and communication module

  • Module 1 – Origins of the dog – classification, evolution and domestication
  • Module 2 – Wolf/wild dog behaviour and its implications and limitations in understanding dog behaviour
  • Module 3 – Dog behaviour – social, feeding, sexual, human – dog relationships
  • Module 4 – Dog communication – dog-dog, dog-human, body language, facial expression, scent
  • Module 5 – Dog emotions – primary and secondary emotions, joy, fear, stress, implications

Setting up a small canine business module

  • Module 1 – The business idea
  • Module 2 – Marketing
  • Module 3 – Finance
  • Module 4 – Human resource management
  • Module 5 – The business plan

Canine anatomy and physiology module

  • Module 1 – Basic anatomy of the dog
  • Module 2 – Understanding anatomy and physiology
  • Module 3 – Bones and joints
  • Module 4 – Functions and physiology of the central nervous system
  • Module 5 – Understand the sensory system of the dog

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There is also the option to combine modules to achieve a Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies. If you wish to study the full course please contact for more information before booking.