Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies – Distance Learning

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This Level 3 certificate course is regulated through OCN and consists of 24 credits/240 hours work. You will need to complete 4 modules for the certificate, some of which are optional. Distance learning options can be taken at any time.

The cost for each of these courses is £1,200. Financial assistance is available through Advanced Learner Loans.

Modules include:

  • Canine care and welfare – this is a compulsory modules
  • Canine nutrition*
  • Canine anatomy and physiology*
  • Canine behaviour and communication*
  • Setting up a small canine business*

*you will choose three out of four of these modules

Canine care and welfare module

This module must be studied first and is the compulsory module for the certificate.

  • Dog Ownership – Choosing a dog, living with a dog, the law etc
  • The Puppy – Bringing up a puppy, development stages, socialisation
  • Care of the Dog – Feeding, exercise, grooming, training, travelling, the older dog
  • Preventing Problem Behaviour – Management, preventing specific problems e.g. separation anxiety, destruction, aggression, attention seeking behaviours etc
  • Health Care – Vaccinations, parasites, neutering, common health problems, first aid

Canine nutrition module

  • Module 1 – Digestive system
  • Module 2 – Nutrients – source and function – protein, carbohydrate, fats, water, vitamins and minerals
  • Module 3 – Feeding requirements through life e.g. puppies, young dogs, working dogs, breeding dogs/old dogs
  • Module 4 – Feeding for health and behaviour -allergies, role of diet in health, disease and behaviour

Canine behaviour and communication module

  • Module 1 – Origins of the dog – classification, evolution and domestication
  • Module 2 – Wolf/wild dog behaviour and its implications and limitations in understanding dog behaviour
  • Module 3 – Dog behaviour – social, feeding, sexual, human – dog relationships
  • Module 4 – Dog communication – dog-dog, dog-human, body language, facial expression, scent
  • Module 5 – Dog emotions – primary and secondary emotions, joy, fear, stress, implications

Setting up a small canine business module

  • Module 1 – The business idea
  • Module 2 – Marketing
  • Module 3 – Finance
  • Module 4 – Human resource management
  • Module 5 – The business plan

Canine anatomy and physiology module

  • Module 1 – Basic anatomy of the dog
  • Module 2 – Understanding anatomy and physiology
  • Module 3 – Bones and joints
  • Module 4 – Functions and physiology of the central nervous system
  • Module 5 – Understand the sensory system of the dog

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