The Countryside Stewardship (CS) scheme has been extended by one month, allowing you extra time to fill out your forms during the busy summer months.  Applications must now reach Natural England by Midnight on the 31st August in order to be scored and processed for a 1st January 2019 start date.

It is very important that all supporting evidence is submitted with Mid Tier applications. Natural England have stressed that if things are missing there is a good chance that the application will be rejected.

Top Ten Tips for submitting an application

  • Make sure you meet the wildlife package minimum requirements for your scheme type (lowland grazing, mixed farming, arable, upland)
  • Black ink and capital letter used throughout the form. No correction fluid or missing pages.
  • Ensure that all features on the land to be entered into CS are clearly marked on the Farm Environment Record Maps. Any hedges that need to be cut annually and therefore cannot meet the bi-annual cutting requirement should be identified as per the Key.
  • Ensure that all options and capital works codes are written on the Options maps and marked as per the key.
  • Check that the options you are applying for are compatible with your current BPS codes for each parcel.
  • Ensure that you have registered your yard to obtain a parcel number by submitting an RLE1 form to the RPA if you wish to use the traditional farm buildings option or any yard capital works.
  • Ensure that any required consents and planning permission have been obtained and that the evidence is submitted with the application.
  • Check that all other supporting evidence required is included with your application. For example: fertiliser records where you have buffer strips on intensive grassland, wildlife assessment for the maintenance of traditional buildings, the GS2 assessment form for the very low input fields, photographs of all capital works a map of any gaps, deadwood and tracks for the BE3 hedges.
  • Ensure that landlord consent has been obtained if needed
  • Ensure that all partners have signed the agreement

Still Struggling? Contact us today and learn how we can support your application. To date, we’ve had a 100% success rate for applications and our advisors have been working with Countryside Stewardship scheme since it’s conception. Or learn more about the extension HERE

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