Delamere & Manley Pollution Prevention Project  2016-18

  • The Project aims to reduce nitrates entering groundwater and to tackle rural diffuse pollution impacts on surface water quality in the brooks arising on the sandstone ridge at Delamere.
  • The area includes the groundwater Safeguard Zones (SgZ) at Delamere and Manley, which are designated due to rising nitrates within public water supply boreholes.
  • Six surface watercourses have been identified as having poor water quality due to diffuse pollution from agriculture and non-mains drainage in rural unsewered areas.
  • The project works with rural landowners with bespoke pollution prevention advice and assistance with mitigations.
  • The activity is delivered through a partnership between the Environment Agency, United Utilities and Reaseheath College, funded by the EU Life Integrated Projects 2014 scheme (LIFE14 IPE/UK/027 LIFE-IP RBMP-NWRBD UK).
  • Groundwater Safeguard zones (SgZ) – issue with rising nitrates in raw drinking water from boreholes
  • Salters, Ashton & Milton Brooks drain to the River Gowy

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