Emral Brook Catchment

The aim of the Emral Brook Catchment project is to protect the water supply and to achieve ‘good’ ecological status in the Brook by 2027. Emral Brook currently has a ‘moderate’ ecological status as it is suffering from some pollutants such as phosphorus and excess sediment. The good news is that the ecology in the Brook has the potential to recover if we work with landowners and farmers to tackle inputs arising from agriculture. Emral Brook is a tributary of the River Dee which is nationally important because:

-It’s one of the UK’s premier spawning grounds for Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout.

-It has internationally important salt marshes and mudflats for wintering wildfowl on the Dee estuary.

-It provides drinking water for more than 2 million people in northeast Wales, Chester and Merseyside.

Pesticide Offers

United Utilities Pesticide Management offers for land managers:

  • Subsidised Slug Pellet Switch – 50% off the purchase price of Ferric Phosphate pellets
  • FREE collection of unwanted, unlabelled and out-of-licence pesticides
  • FREE Weed Wiper Hire
  • Help with enrolling on pesticide training courses

Act now, as some of these offers are available for a limited time only.  For further information on the timings of these pesticide offers, contact Gareth Foulkes at the Welsh Dee Trust.

Email: gareth@welshdeetrust.com  or Mobile:  07496 683333

GLASTIR SMALL GRANT— opportunities to apply for up to £7,500 for bespoke projects as a stand alone grants for capital works.  The next grant round expected March 2017.

See .GOV.WALES website for more information or contact Jane Atkinson (details below)

Contact our Farm Environmental Services office today to see how we can help your farm business:

Farm Environmental Services
Reaseheath College

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Or Jane Atkinson the Farm Environmental Services advisor who is overseeing this project for RADA

Jane Atkinson

Email: Jane.Atkinson@reaseheath.ac.uk

Mobile: 07891 602945