Cheshire Local Nature Partnership

A Partnership to deliver a natural environment rich in species and widely valued because it provides employment, enjoyment, education, food and healthier lifestyles.

The overall purpose of Cheshire LNP is to bring a diverse range of individuals, businesses and organisations together at a local level to create a vision and plan of action of how the natural environment can be taken into account in decision making. The formation of the Cheshire region Local Nature Partnership offers a fantastic opportunity to change the current ways of working for the natural environment. Developing cross sector relationships and providing a single strategic voice will fulfil our vision for the Cheshire region. Reaseheath recognises the importance of working in partnership to improve our natural environment and a representative from the College’s RADA department sits on the Cheshire region LNP Board.


  • Identify strategic places and opportunities
  • Develop a strong supporting environmental evidence base
  • Integrate the natural environment into all planning and policy decisions including embedding Nature Improvement Areas into local plans and strategies
  • Improve health and wellbeing through engaging communities with the natural environment
  • Support sustainable growth of a low carbon economy
  • Realise the potential of the natural environment to support the rural economy


Cheshire region Local Nature Partnership has identified three key principles:

  • A single strategic voice for the natural environment-The Partnership will work at a strategic level to advocate the natural environment and provide leadership, advice and support.
  • Collaboration at a landscape scale-The Partnership will work at a landscape scale to deliver integrated outcomes with a wide range of benefits and ensure strong cross boundary working.
  • Facilitate communication and action between sectors

Taking into account the principles, the Cheshire LNP strives to:

  • Drive positive change in the local natural environment, taking a strategic view of thethe benefit of nature, people and the economy.
  • challenges and opportunities involved and identifying ways to manage it for
  • Contribute to achieving the Government’s national environmental objectives locally,
  • including the identification of local ecological networks, alongside addressing local priorities.
  • Become local champions influencing decision making relating to the natural environment and its value to social and economic outcomes, in particular, through working closely with local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and Health and Wellbeing Boards.


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