Karl Colyer (Honeybee Farmer) is looking for sites across the Cheshire, NE Wales and N Shropshire to host his hives. In exchange for each occupied hive on site, the host will receive a couple of jars of honey per year plus a free pollination service for a radius of about 3 miles.  

The hives will ideally be hosted as a batch of six (or more) hives at each location. The standard design is the National hive. The more attractive WBC style (please see above photo) can be supplied if the hives are to be within line-of-sight of the farmhouse but these are much more expensive for the bee farmer to provide. 6 hives take up about as much room as three sofas. There are no costs or duties for the host.  

Bees collect a wide range of nectar and use trees in addition to flowers.  Key nectar sources are: oil seed rape, dandelion, sycamore, clover, lime, blackberry, willow herb and heather.  The hives can be placed at the edge of a field, under trees, behind a farm building etc. Ideally, out of sight of the road and footpaths and away from animals who may wish to use it as a scratching post. They will be fully installed and maintained by Karl. 

Karl would like to site the hives for the long term and visit them 4-8 times a year to inspect the bees and hives, deal with any issues and to prevent any swarming. All visits are pre-arranged by email/text. No access to water, buildings, shelter, equipment or electricity is needed. Karl is happy to proceed by foot to the hives from an agreed parking spot.  

For anybody interested, Karl can be contacted on karlcolyer@gmail.com or 07968 623 131. A no-obligation site visit can easily be arranged to see if sites are suitable and a draft agreement can be discussed outlining clear expectations and deliverables you can expect from Karl.