Forest College

Careers Choices Programme

The Forest College Careers Choices programme runs throughout the college year and allows students to access various programme areas to help them to make informed choices about their future working life and to help them to see college as a viable option for the future.

This programme is designed to support pre and post-16 learners to develop aspirations and to support their eventual progression into mainstream college. It is based on our knowledge and experience of the difficulties and barriers that some school leavers face that mean that they may never start on their chosen career pathway.

Success in post 16 mainstream education is more achievable when young people aspire to work and have a clear interest or passion about something that they would wish to pursue as a career. This programme is designed to give young people concrete experiences in a college environment and to generate interest in potential career pathways.

Our courses are personalised for individuals and groups to help them develop confidence, independence and employability skills. They will work in the main programme areas within the college to have short and active taster sessions that are intended to help them make decisions about whether the subject area could be a career for them.

The programme starts in the Autumn term, and runs for one/two days per half term. We will work with group organisers to plan a range of relevant fun activities that provide real insight into the reality of working in different work places. We can also provide block one week programmes if this is more accessible.

All programmes are based on helping young people to decide on a suitable career for them. We know that young people often do not have life experience to chose a job that meets their wider needs as well as their initial interests. There are also many careers in each industry that they may not be aware of.

We have qualified Careers Coaches who can help with information about career paths within specific land based industries, they will be available to give specialist advice and guidance.