Level 2 Apprenticeship in

Animal Care and Welfare Assistant

Our Level 2 Animal Care and Welfare Assistant apprenticeship is a chance to work and earn a wage while building your knowledge and skills.

You will receive one day of training a week remotely, and the rest will be delivered in the workplace with the support of an industry expert assessor.

A particularly diverse industry, you could find yourself working in a role such as: Animal Technician, Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant, Farm/Park/Zoo Assistant, Vet Care Assistant.

What will I study?

  • UK and EU Animal related legislation
  • Current legislation, policies, procedures, guidelines, Codes of Practice and ethics relevant to the workplace and the health and welfare of animals
  • The species/breeds specific to your role and common characteristics
  • Signs that indicate potential problems with animals’ health and welfare and the actions that should be taken
  • The types of basic medication, routes of administering medication, safe handling and disposal of medication
  • Animal first aid, urgent, ongoing and preventive care
  • Accommodation and environment requirements that are suitable and safe for animals
  • The use of different cleaning materials and equipment
  • Feeding, watering and basic nutrition and characteristics of foodstuffs
  • How to safely approach/handle/restrain/move animals
  • The behaviours of the animal, applicable to the species and how it impacts its care and welfare such as stress/distress/pain/fear/frustration
  • How the animal you are working with learns and the basic principles of re-enforcement techniques

How long will it take?

  • 12 – 18 months

What qualifications do I need to start?

  • Preferably GCSEs at grade 2 or above including English and Maths

What qualifications will I gain?

  • Level 2 Apprenticeship in Animal Care & Welfare Assistant
  • Functional Skills or GCSE in English and Maths depending on previous qualifications

Course options after this programme

Career options

  • Animal technician
  • Animal welfare assistant
  • Wildlife rehabilitation assistant
  • Farm/park/zoo assistant
  • Vet care assistant