Mission Statement

Reaseheath Birds of Prey Society aims to raise educational awareness – by promoting welfare and care of captive birds of prey. The society also intends to contribute to conservation efforts and promote the reputations of both the society and the college. Our society is open to everybody.


  • To deliver information to both students and the public – to raise educational awareness – through a range of mediums, including: notice boards, college publications and public events
  • To make a meaningful and achievable contribution to the conservation of birds of prey through raising funds and participating in volunteer programmes or surveys
  • Promote the care and welfare of captive birds of prey
  • To form connections across the industry, to benefit both society members and the wider college, by visiting other established collections
  • To build a viable and professional business model to deliver educational encounter sessions to the general public
  • To promote both the societies and the college’s reputation through volunteer programmes in other established centres

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