Reaseheath Mammal Society Logo

Mission Statement

Reaseheath Mammal Society has been primarily set up to find out more about the mammal species we have on college grounds and beyond, using a variety of survey techniques to gain experience and knowledge. All sightings are shared with rECOrd, the record centre for Cheshire, to contribute to local and national distribution maps for species. If possible, practical conservation may also be undertaken to improve habitat for the species we find.


  • To survey and record mammals, benefiting student knowledge of ecology and survey techniques
  • To benefit county publications such as the upcoming Cheshire Mammal Atlas with sightings
  • To raise awareness of (and participate in) local, national and global events and campaigns for mammal conservation
  • To join events of relevant groups such as Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group, Cheshire Mammal Group and Cheshire Bat Group

Get Involved

To find out more about the Reaseheath Mammal Society come along to one of our meetings. Meetings are held every fortnight on Wednesdays. The next meeting is Wednesday 19th November at 4.15pm in AM5