What skills do I need?

You don’t need any formal skills but a keen interest in floristry is essential! Your GCSE results will determine which level course you come and study. For entry requirements take a look at each course page.

What are my job/career options after this course?

Depending on which level course you study career options vary from junior florist, florist manager, floral designer, technician, working in a garden centre or for an events company either in this country or abroad (we currently have three past students working in Bermuda for a wedding events specialist), aboard cruise liners or large hotel accommodating its own florists.


What qualifications will I get?

This will depend on which level course you choose to study. Find out on each course page in the ‘At a glance’ section.

Where will I study, what are the facilities like?

All floristry classes take place in our dedicated floristry studios and are practical and creative.

Will my course cost anything?

Students aged under 19 will not be charged tuition fees. If you are aged over 19 visit the 19+ Further Education Tuition Fees page.

Will I go on any trips or study tours?

Floristry students will have the opportunity to attend relevant events such as the annual British Florists Event ; if successful enter the world skills competition; decorate national trust houses ; visit fresh flower and sundry  wholesalers as well as two study tours to Holland. Details about these trips will be given to students nearer the time.

What equipment will I need?

Students on a floristry course will need a tool box equipped with basic tools and equipment, a college apron, reference textbooks and a student portfolio folder. All of these can be purchased from the floristry department at a discounted rate.  You will need access to a digital camera required for every lesson and also be required to also basic stationery items.

You will also be required to purchase stationery items.


Is work experience part of my course?

All students will undertake work experience, how much will depend on which course you are studying. Please check course pages for details.

Will I be doing stcok duties?

The only time Floristry students are required to attend outside college hours is at our annual Family Festival in May.


If you have any further questions please contact the enquiries team by using our online enquiry form.