What skills do I need?

You don’t need any formal skills but a keen interest in public services is essential! Your GCSE results will determine which level course you come and study. For entry requirements take a look at each course page.

What are my job/career options after this course?

Depending on what level course you study career option vary from becoming a member of the armed services, fire and rescue or police and much more.


What qualifications will I get?

This will depend on which level course you choose to study. Find out on each course page in the ‘At a glance’ section.

Where will I study, what are the facilities like?

You will have full use of our outstanding range of outdoor leisure facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. This includes RS Vision Asymmetric sailing boats, Lapierre mountain bikes, a fleet of kayaks, 3 fleets of open canoes, a low and high ropes course and an indoor climbing wall.

Will my course cost anything?

Students aged under 19 will not be charged tuition fees. If you are aged over 19 visit the 19+ Further Education Tuition Fees page.

Will I go on any trips or study tours?

You will participate in a number of study tours during each year of your course. The cost per year will be £150 which you will be expected to pay on enrolment day. These include visits to the Army, Fire Service, Police and Royal Marines in year one and the Navy and RAF in year 2.

What equipment will I need?

Students on a Public Services course will need a pair of walking boots, waterproof clothes (Jacket and trousers), warm clothing, 40 ltr rucksack, sleeping bag, water bottle, orange plastic bivvy bag and water sports/wetsuit boots.

All students will also be required to purchase stationery and reference textbooks.


Is work experience part of my course?

All students will undertake work experience, how much will depend on which course you are studying. Please check course pages for details.

Will I be doing stock duties?

The only time Public Services students are required to attend outside college hours is at our annual Family Festival in May.


If you have any further questions please contact the enquiries team by using our online enquiry form.