A new vision for horticulture

When people think of Horticulture, they tend to think of gardening. But there is a lot more to horticulture than gardening…


  • Contributes £9 billion to the UK economy each year as an industry
  • Employs around 300,000 people; from crop growers and gardeners to scientists, greenkeepers and turf specialists, landscape designers & managers, buyers, innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Mitigates the consequences of environmental change and reduces the harmful effects of human impact on the environment, including flooding through landscape management and environmental planting
  • Gives us food security by providing a constant supply of safe, nutritious, home grown food reducing carbon footprints
  • Improves health, well being, community spirit and self esteem through access to parks, open space and community growing enterprises

Horticulture is not just vocational – it’s essential.

Now is a great time to start a career in Horticulture. There is a skills shortage in the sector with 73% of businesses reporting that they are unable to fill job vacancies, so career and employment prospects are good. The opportunities are vast whether you are interested in science, geography, art & design, business or the environment there is a career in horticulture suited to you. The good news is the salaries are pretty good too!

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