Design your future

If you’re interested in art, design and technology a career in garden and landscape design could be for you.

Garden and landscape design focusses on the construction and design of domestic, commercial and public spaces including gardens, business parks, housing estates, urban plazas, parks and open spaces.

The work is very diverse, requiring lots of different skills including creativity, business management, client liaison and practical skills. No two projects or jobs are the same so this is a good industry to be in if you don’t want to be office based. You could choose to run your own business either as a designer or landscape contractor, building the gardens for designers, or you could work for a practice specialising in landscape architecture.

Environmental design creates sculptures, products and furnishings for interior and exterior spaces. You could work as a designer-crafstperson, product designer, interior designer or public and community arts specialist. Individuals with creative flair as well as practical hands-on skills are particularly suited to careers in this sector. Additionally, creative thinking is viewed by industry as an important transferable skill to support innovation and entrepreneurship in business.