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If you’re interested in Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Business or Technology a career in Commercial Production Horticulture could be for you…

Commercial Production Horticulture focusses on the production of edible plants and nursery stock supporting an industry with an economic value of around £10 billion. It is the nation’s largest employer in primary food production.

Commercial horticulturalists manage horticultural businesses and are involved in the growing, distributing and selling of food crops and plants.

Commercial growers may specialise in field crops, protected growing (for example, under glass), soft and top fruit, hardy nursery stock and cut flowers.

The work is technical and scientific, requiring managerial, business and IT competence, alongside a good understanding of the traditional skills of cultivation, and this is reflected in the variety of careers including:

  • crop manager
  • production manager
  • horticultural manager
  • grower manager

Salaries start at around £25,000 for graduates.

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