Improving Pet Behaviour and Wellbeing

Glynis Stewart, UK Associate Tutor for Tellington T Touch and Proprietor of Trendy Pooches Dog Training Academy & Grooming Salon

Thursday 10th January 2019, 7.30 – 9pm

Tellington T Touch is a gentle way of influencing behaviour and well-being in companion animals. It is a kind, non-invasive approach based on a combination of bodywork, body wraps and ground work. Offering practical solutions for challenges common among dogs, horses, cats, birds and other animals. T Touch helps release tension and increases body awareness.

Tellington T Touch methods can help with –

• Separation anxiety
• Fear of fireworks
• Fear of Thunderstorms
• Nervous
• Pulling on lead
• Fear of groomers/vets
• Fear of travelling
• Excitability
• And much more…