Tom Hanmer, Hanmer Farms Ltd has recently undertaken hedge coppicing using mechanical hedge shears using the Glastir Small Grant to fund the work.  The hedges were ‘leggy’ mainly hawthorn and blackthorn with sheep getting into the hedge base causing gaps. 

It was decided to coppice the hedges down to ground level and double fence both sides.  This will result in the hedge growing back from the base into thick, bushy hedges protected from livestock. 

592m of hedge was coppiced with 1,026m of sheep fencing undertaken. The Glastir grant was £6,233.  Using Gareth Jones from Gareth Jones Agri Contractors Ltd the work was completed for £6,733 leaving only £500 to be paid by Tom Hanmer who now has stock proof hedges enabling more targeted grazing. 

Please watch our two videos below showcasing the mechanical tree shears and the coppicing work

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