Here at Reaseheath’s Mini Zoo we have a range of different animals including:

Small Mammals

Asian short clawed otters, meerkats, ring tailed lemurs, black ruffed lemur, common marmosets, cotton top tamarins, serval, cape porcupine, African civet, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs

Large Mammals

Brazilian tapir, capybara, red-necked wallaby, alpaca, donkey, golden Guernsey goats, sheep, Exmoor pony, Shetland pony, Welsh mountain pony


Birds of prey, owls, geese, kookaburra, black cheeked love birds, Patagonian conure, bramha chickens, zebra finch, java doves, java sparrow, golden pheasant, helmeted guinea fowl

Reptiles and Amphibians

Roti island snake-necked turtles, Rees turtle, black and white tegu, Amazonian milk frog, cane toads, golden bell frogs, savu island pythons, yellow headed day geckos, uromastyx, pancake tortoise


Our marine tanks include: lionfish, vlamingii tang, red sea bannerfish, blotched foxface, blue faced angel fish and our very own coral reef system! Plus many more!

Our freshwater tanks include: blind cave fish, silver dollars, hoplo catfish, Buenos Aires catfish. Plus many more!


Leaf cutter ants colony, fruit beetles, giant Asian mantis, Indian social spiders and tiger snails

Animal Adoptions

Animal Encounters

Keeper for a Day