This course is ideal if you are already working in welding and fabrication industries and are looking to develop your skills further, to increase your responsibilities and knowledge.

The course will give you the opportunity to learn, develop and practise the skills in welding, metal fabrication, thermal cutting or brazing and soldering. You will be able to learn about welding disciplines in MIG, ARC or TIG. You’ll learn how to work safely within a welding environment and produce five welding assessments including three straight runs, lap joint, T fillet in flat position, T fillet in the horizontal/vertical positon and corner joint.

The Level 2 award in Welding is ideal for those looking to develop their welding skills at a more advanced level, having already achieved a Level 1 in either MIG, TIG or MMA. Developing and practising the vertical welding of joints, individuals on this course will be required to commit several hours to practising their chosen weld. The theory side to the welding adds a greater depth and develops a wider understanding and knowledge of the chosen welding process. All sessions are practical workshop sessions, with individuals expected to do small amounts of reading and research, in order to complete the knowledge test at the end of the course.

To successfully pass the course, five practical assignments consisting of welding joints in standard horizontal in the PB and PF positions and one oral knowledge test, for each unit studied, must be passed, with successful completion evidencing an individual’s competence in their chosen welding process”


  • Tuesday 3rd October 2023


Starting at 18:00 finishing at 20:00 for 30 weeks (term time)


£390 – funding may be available for this course

Courses will run with suitable numbers and you will be notified if any of the courses will be cancelled.