Top Tips to Help You Settle into College

Have you recently started at Reaseheath College (welcome by the way!) but maybe you’ve not quite got that ‘settled-in’ feeling yet? Don’t worry, that’s completely normal and will come in time.

Jumping from school to college is daunting as there’s lots of new people to meet, a new campus to discover and a different way of studying to get to grips with. But all of this change can be exciting too.

To support you through this change and to help you settle into college life quickly, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Remember that everyone is in the same position – some people may not seem fazed by the change, but the reality is no-one knows where they are going or what they are doing just yet. You are not alone in this, and it will take time for everyone to adapt to the change. It will happen though!
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – asking questions is how you learn, so don’t be scared of asking for help. If there’s something you don’t know yet, the chances are there is someone else who isn’t too sure either! Ask a class-mate, teacher or member of staff you see around the campus, and you’ll be sure to get the answer you need.
  3. Keep walking around the campus to get your bearings – colleges tend to be a fair bit bigger than schools, which can take some getting used to and can also seem quite scary at first. You may be thinking “how long does it take to get from one classroom to the next? Where’s the canteen and the library?” Why not spend your lunch breaks in the first few weeks walking around campus? This way you’ll gradually find out where everything is, without any time pressure.
  4. Spend time getting to know your teachers and class mates – these are the people you will see every day and will become your main source of information, support and fun! Spend time getting to know everyone and you will have a great support network. Make sure you support your fellow classmates too, if you see anyone struggling, be sure to help them if you can.
  5. Get involved in college life – college is more than just lessons, it’s a time to meet people and explore your interests outside of the classroom, too. There are lots of sports and societies you could get involved in. The more you do, the more you will feel part of the college, and therefore more settled – so get stuck in!
  6. Work hard – this one may be something you’ve heard time and time again, but by working hard you really will be helping yourself enjoy college life. The more you put into your studies the more you get out, so hit the books and reap the rewards!

If you have any other questions about settling into college, just ask! Your tutors will be more than happy to help, or contact the student life team or our well-being advisors if you need more specialist support.

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