FREE Reaseheath Careers Advisor Event – STEM Opportunities for all Young People!

Reaseheath College is hosting a careers advisors event on 8th November, starting at 9.30am.

The event will highlight new and existing opportunities at Reaseheath College. Joining us at the event will be Bright Crop, an organisation that was developed by the food and farming industry to show just how many interesting and exciting opportunities there are in the farming and food sectors.

Lunch will be provided for all delegates with an optional tour of the facilities scheduled just after. The event will close at 2.30pm. You can view the full agenda here.

If you are interested please click here to register your attendance by Sunday 6th November.

Bright Crop Information Session:

Opportunities in Horticulture and the Agri-land based industry for young people with STEM skills

Agriculture and food production is probably the largest, most complex the most important industry on the planet – without it, everybody would go hungry. It is also an industry that is facing serious challenges, and the pressure is on to produce more food for a growing population whilst managing the environment in a sustainable way.

STEM skills contribute to global food security: scientists develop crops that are hardier and more resistant to drought and disease, technology such as GPS, mobile apps and drones enhance farmers’ productivity, engineers design complex pieces of machinery that reduce waste and mathematicians negotiate ever-changing international markets.

And while it might be popularly believed that advances in technology have reduced the number of people needed to work on producing our food, the truth is that they have simply changed the skills that are required. A combine harvester may do the work of hundreds of labourers, but another hundred are involved in developing, building and maintaining it.

There are real opportunities available in the Agri-food sector for talented young people who want to make a difference, and you might be surprised by the variety of jobs available and the level of reward they offer.

Yet our research tells us that most young people know very little or nothing at all about the Agri-food industry, something Bright Crop and Reaseheath wants to change by introducing them to some of the real people working in the industry today.

How you can get involved:

  • Sign up to our FREE Horticulture Careers in Land Based industry session at Reaseheath College
  • Explore the Bright Crop website, which features real life case studies and advice from industry experts to get an initial feel for what skills and future talent the industry requires
  • Use the website, case studies and resources provided on the day as part of your own careers advice and guidance sessions
  • Download the Bright Crop teacher’s guide to find out more about the industry and how to support your students to find out more
  • Arrange a visit from a Bright Crop Ambassador – industry professionals who volunteer their time to inspire students through careers fairs, assemblies and workshops