Seed mix offers 2017

RADA,  as co-ordinators of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment in the Northwest region, are promoting CFE Seed mix offers in 2017. We have vouchers available for 3 seed mixes offers which are delivered with CFE’s supporters at Syngenta, Kings Seeds, BASF and Limagrain UK. These offers provide wildflower seed mixes suitable for farmland at a subsidised cost. All Seed mixes are now LIVE so if you would like vouchers please contact your CFE Regional coordinator, or come visit us at the Cheshire Show Reaseheath Stand.

Bees and Seeds Mix offer- delivered in partnership with Syngenta and Kings

Cost: £50 /pack

Pack size: 20kg which will sow up to 1ha, containing mustard, brown mustard, buckwheat, Gold of Pleasure, kale rape, sunflower, phacelia and fodder radish

Planting time: May to mid-July

The benefits to you farm:

  • Provides later season pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinating insects
  • High production of a range of seeds to feed many farmland bird species through the winter months
  • Grown in conjunction with the Annual Wildflower Mix provides an excellent diversity of habitats
  • Provides an ideal canopy for game birds and will complement game cover crops
  • Compatible with appropriate herbicide use to control grass and broadleaved weeds
  • Will be beneficial planted on the ‘fallow land’ option under EFA’s

Operation Pollinator Annual Flower Mix- delivered in partnership with Syngenta and Kings

Cost: £35 / pack

Pack size: 4kg which will sow up to one hectare, contains crimson clover, red clover, phacelia, native corn flower, native corn marigold and native corn chamomile

Planting time: August – October

The benefits to your farm:

  • Specifically mixed to give a season long flowering time and be cost effective
  • Creates an additional ecological asset to perennial margins
  • Fits within EFA’s under field margins or fallow land
  • No in season management
  • As an annual it is flexible to rotate around your farm
  • A flower mix which is relatively easy to establish and manage and has a high visual impact

Field Margin Mix- delivered with BASF and Limagrain UK

Cost: £30 / pack

Pack size: 4kg

Planting time: Establish the seed mixture in spring or summer but no later than mid-September. Prepare a fine seed bed and drill when the soil is warm and moist at 20kg per hectare. Roll after sowing.

The benefits to your farm:

  • Permanent buffer & field margin
  • Fantastic habitat for pollinators
  • Suitable for use on fallow land – EFA
  • Ideal nesting area for farmland birds
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship
  • Contains UK native wild flowers

For more information or to request a voucher, please email contact your regional CFE coordinator Nicola Hall :