How much will an apprentice cost?

The cost of apprenticeship training often depends on two factors, the size of your business and the age of the apprentice you would like to employ.

Apprentice wages paid by the employer

An employer has to pay at least the National Apprenticeship Minimum Wage (minimum wage of £3.90 per hour). The NAMW applies to all 16 to 18 year olds and to those aged 19 and over in the first year of their Apprenticeship.

Paying a realistic wage will support with attracting and retaining talent in your business.

If the apprentice is aged 19 and/or has completed the first year of their apprenticeship, the employer must pay the NAMW appropriate for their age. However, as skills develop, many employers tend to increase wages. In fact, research has found that apprentices earn an average of £170-200 net pay per week. More information on the National Minimum Wage rates is available here.

The apprentice has to work a minimum of 30 hours a week.

Fully funded and co-funded training costs
  • For organisations that employ between 1 and 49 staff, apprentices between the ages of 16-18 have their training fully funded.
  • For organisations that employ over 50 staff and up to an annual payroll of £3million or if an apprentice is aged over 19 at the start of the apprenticeship the employer will be expected to make a minimum contribution of 5% towards the cost of training, the Government pay the remaining 95%.

Incentive payments for employers

  • Employers are not required to pay National Insurance Contributions for apprentices under the age of 25 on earnings below the higher tax rate of £827 a week (£43,000 a year).
  • £1,000 payment when you employ a 16-18 year old apprentice.
  • £1,000 payment when you employ a 19-24 year old apprentice who has previously been in care or who has a local authority education, health and care plan.

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