Socials and upcoming events

Alright guys,

Getting back into the swing of things,

Since we have been back for Christmas we’ve been busy trying to get all the events organised for this term. Upcoming socials are now up on posters around campus so make sure you keep an eye out in order to match the theme. The social this week is a onesie social carrying on the theme of the day from our onesie day. We’re going to try and get our principal in a onesie on this day as well to show the spirit at all levels, with photographic evidence.

Onsie Day - RAG fundraising

In the first week back at college the SA have been busy coming up with ideas for more fundraising events for the term ahead.  One of our main events is the residential football team’s charity tour around the country to other land-based colleges. Other events include the silent disco and the Battle of Nantwich and Holly Holy Day. This is taking place on the 25th January and we will be stewarding for both events and selling the holy badges. Our Valentine’s Day bag will be taking place on the 12th and 13th of February, all money raised will be going to St Luke’s.

Check in next week for another update

Sam Norfolk
SA President