STEM enrichment events – contact us for dates

STEM enrichment events are available for full or half day sessions between now and the end of term, please contact us for availability of when we can come into your school. Events will also be available for the new academic year.

Topics covered:

  • Animal morphology and co-evolution – find out why animals are designed the way they are. What drove them to be this way- finding food? Finding mates? Avoiding predators? This session looks into animal physiology with relation to their behaviour and how species have evolved to exist and exploit each other. Linking ecology, evolution and anatomy and physiology in a practical and interactive way
  • Plant cloning and propagation – find out how to reproduce plants from cells in micro propagation. The session will look at how plants have adapted to be able to reproduce asexually
  • Primitive technologies (experimental archaeology) – experimental archaeology is a field of study which generates and tests archaeological hypotheses. This is achieved by replicating archaeological artefacts, or utilising primitive technologies that ancient cultures may have undertaken. By employing primitive technologies we gain a greater understanding of the lives of our ancestors, the environments in which they lived and the ancient skills that they possessed. The demonstration will include; drilling through stone with flint and making cord from tree bark

Bespoke courses can be arranged on your choice of topic. For further details and to check availability please contract Tracey Walker – call 01270 613180 or email