Absence Messages

Absence messages 

Students/Parents/Guardians/Carers should give the student’s name clearly. 

Also state their course clearly (the course manager’s name would also help).   

Tell them why you are not in college and when you are likely to be back in college. 

 If contact is not made as per the above process, then students are marked as unauthorised in the register. 

If messages are not clear, then students are marked as unauthorised in the register. 

If students are on holiday, then they will be marked as unauthorised in the register.  


There are certain circumstances where absences can be marked as authorised and these are listed below: 

  1. Self-certificated period of sickness for 1 week of timetabled activity. Following 1 week’s absence, evidence from a GP will be required. Patterns of repeated non-attendance will be monitored, and evidence may be requested by your Attendance Impact Officer. 
  2. A medical appointment (show your appointment evidence to your progress coach) 
  3. A career related or university interview (evidence shown to your progress coach) 
  4. A work experience placement which is an integral part of a course, and for which the student does not receive a wage. (Self-certified agreed by course manager) 
  5. Attendance at a probation meeting or similar (supported by evidence of confirmation) 
  6. Attendance to a funeral (self-certificated) 
  7. Transportation issues i.e. weather conditions/strike action 
  8. Taking a driving test (supported by evidence) 
  9. Authorised study leave (authorised by course manager) 
  10. Religious holidays (self-certificated) 
  11. An emergency involving a family member (self-certificated) 


Attendance at college is very important. High attendance levels enable the following: 

  • Academic success through greater engagement with the qualification and maximisation of learning opportunities on offer through our BeMore programme 
  • Building supportive networks with peers, curriculum staff and areas that enable success such as Progress Coaches, Learning Skills Centre, and Wellbeing staff 
  • Development of key employability skills such as time management and reliability along with self-discipline and accountability. All of these are skills they will need for their future lives. 
  • Meeting expectations of the college as laid out in our student charter just as an individual would have to follow workplace policies in employment.