Essential Digital Skills

Essential Digital Skills Qualification

Do you or someone you know want to learn basic digital skills, like how to video call or purchase an item online?

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This free Essential Digital Skills qualification, provides adults with the digital skills frequently needed in life and at work.

The online world in constantly evolving, and digital skills are becoming increasingly more important in our everyday lives. In fact, they are so important that The House of Lords stated that digital skills should be taught as a third core subject alongside numeracy and literacy.

This course therefore equips learners aged 19 and over with the skills needed to perform essential tasks online including:

  • Using devices and handling information – how to manage and store information, and identify and solve simple technical issues
  • Creating and editing – creating and editing documents, as well as other types of digital media, such as images, audio files and videos
  • Communicating online – understanding electronic communications, such as email and video calls
  • Transacting and online activities – how to complete and submit an online form, comply with digital verification checks, and purchase an item or service online
  • Being responsible, safe and legal online – understanding privacy and data protection, conducting best practice, online behaviour and backing up data

This qualification is designed for students who have little or no digital skills, so there are no formal entry requirements. You can choose from Entry Level 3 which has a greater focus on skills for life, or Level 1 which has a balance between skills for life and skills for work, depending on what suits you best.

We are a fully approved centre to deliver this qualification which was introduced by the Department for Education. We help learners gain the skills they need to feel confident completing online tasks in the digital age.

In just 15 weeks, learners will have the knowledge and skills to perform a wide range of digital tasks and will have a recognised qualification, following an end of course assessment.

This course can fit in with work and life commitments, as learners are required to study for only two hours per week.

If you’re ready to learn how to communicate and create online, use technology safely and boost your digital skills, please register your interest below:
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