5 FAQs about Reaseheath Accommodation

As a prospective Reaseheath student, now is the time to apply for student accommodation if you haven’t already! As a student myself I can understand that you are probably going to have a few questions relating to living on site, so I am  going to try and answer a few of them for you, which will hopefully help you feel a bit better about moving out of home for the first time!

  1. The Application Process: once applications open this will need to be done online via the Reaseheath College website. Once you’re onto the page you need to fill in a few simple details about yourself and then select a hall from the list of accommodation you are interested in. It will ask you to choose 3 from the list, so that if we cannot meet your first choice, we have other options to go from (although they will always try their best to meet your 1st choice). Student Services will allocate the rooms once the applications come in, then once this has been done, you should hear from us within 5 working days, on what accommodation you have been allocated! You will also need your student ID number for this application, so please refer to your interview/offer letter or give the enquiries team a ring on 01270 613242 if you are struggling to find this.
  2. WiFi: as part of your accommodation fee at Reaseheath the WiFi is included. The WiFi spans across the entire campus so that no matter where you are you will have full access to the internet, perfect for studying anywhere! You can get your WiFi username and password at the IT Centre once you have enrolled – but your course manager will likely help with this because they know how important WiFi is for us!
  3. TV Licence: whilst staying in student accommodation is fun and exciting, this part is slightly more important and does require a bit of ‘adulting’. If you plan on bringing a TV into your room and want to binge-watch the latest TV series live or on catch up, you will be required to purchase a TV licence! You do not need a TV licence to own a a TV, watch Netflix or DVDs.  If you are lucky enough to move into one of the newly built town houses, there is a TV provided in the living space and the TV licence is included in the price of the accommodation! If you decide you need a licence, follow this link, and it will direct you to the website where you can complete and submit the form online. The cost is £159 for the year, which can be paid either in full or spread the cost with a monthly direct debit. Remember, this is required by law and could cause all sorts of nasty problems for yourself if you don’t get one!
  4. Launderette: following on from this, you will sadly have to do your own laundry whilst living on site! This has been made as easy as possible by Reaseheath as they have installed launderette facilities across campus, right next to most of the Halls of Residence. At this moment in time the pricing for a wash is £2.70 and to dry your clothes, it is an additional £1.40.
  5. Safeguarding: whilst living on site at Reaseheath, no matter whether you are over 18 or under 18, there are a fantastic team of staff that work 24/7 to make sure that you are both safe and happy! The safeguarding team are very supportive and are there to help you regarding most things, ranging from physical safety, a late night chat or in some cases – to even catch a moth!

I hope this blog has answered a few of those pending questions about accommodation and some of those worries have gone! Please remember, if you haven’t already, apply for your accommodation as soon as possible to avoid missing out! We all look forward to seeing you in September!

About The Author

My name is Lisa. I am a 19-year-old from a place called Harpenden, Hertfordshire and I have chosen to study Zoo Management here at University Centre Reaseheath (despite being allergic to both dogs and cats!). There is always something to take part in such as bingo, dance classes, or even being hypnotised! The student association play a massive role in student life as they help provide the entertainment and sort out and run events for the students.