Staff at Reaseheath College successfully completed a variety of challenges throughout the month of May to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2022.

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week was loneliness and people were encouraged to build meaningful connections with friends, family, colleagues, and communities, which staff at Reaseheath College supported by completing a variety of activities on campus together.

As we are also celebrating our 100th anniversary this year, our staff chose to complete challenges which tied into our centenary celebrations by doing activities 100 times, including climbing 100 trees, taking 100 pictures around campus, and 100 miles of exercise.

Wellbeing, Careers & Work Placements Manager, Kenny Nolan said: “Mental Health Awareness week took place week commencing 9th May, and the Wellbeing team and departments around the college took part in a range of challenges and initiatives with a focus on achieving good mental health.

“The theme of this week was loneliness, which has had a significant impact on our physical and mental health since the start of the pandemic. Millions of adults experience loneliness at some stage in their lives, and we wanted to do our bit in recognising the importance of bringing people together to help combat feelings of isolation.

“National campaigns as part of this week were aimed at people doing 80 of something, e.g. running or cycling, but at Reaseheath we decided to extend the week to a month-long campaign, AND to recognise our centenary year within our challenge. Our wonderful staff hit the magical centenary target in a variety of ways, including 100 laps around Reaseheath lake, 100 miles of exercise, and a fantastic effort by Reaseheath Training, who put together 100 happy photos including some of our dedicated staff and beautiful campus. The Wellbeing team kept a tally chart within the department to help with staff motivation, and to recognise progress along the way.

“We wanted to make staff aware that by coming together we could help to tackle loneliness, and the dedicated team efforts by departments within the college has helped with this aim.”

To find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week, visit: Mental Health Awareness Week

If you are a student or member of staff at Reaseheath College, did you know you can receive help and support from our Wellbeing team during your time with us?

Our highly experienced Wellbeing Advisors can help you with any issues you may be experiencing such as loneliness, anxiety, bereavement, family problems, health issues, financial difficulties and more.

Find out more about Reaseheath’s fantastic Wellbeing team and how to get in touch with them by visiting the Student Health and Wellbeing page of our website.