Catching up with class of 2011 alumnus Lois Dalton


Alumni Officer Katie caught up with former Reaseheath apprentice Lois Dalton earlier this week. Take a look below and find out more about Lois and the world of dog grooming.

Hi Lois,  it’s great to have the opportunity to talk to you, could you tell me what you’re currently up to in your work life?

I am the owner and founder of the company Vanity Furr Dog Grooming  and spend my working days managing the business and as a full-time dog groomer.

Fantastic to hear that you own your own business Lois, can you tell me a little bit more about your role as the owner of Vanity Furr?

On a day-to-day basis; I take grooming appointment bookings, groom and style of all breeds of dogs and provide them with relevant health checks, order stock and generally provide the best customer experience I can for the dogs and their owners.

 When did you start your business?

In August 2013.

 So thinking back to before August 2013, what led you to the creation of Vanity Furr?

After leaving school I completed an apprenticeship at a grooming parlour and boarding kennels as a trainee dog groomer along with gaining my Level 2 Work-based Diploma in Animal Care  qualification from Reaseheath. I went on to achieve my City & Guilds Level 3 professional grooming qualifications in September 2011, achieving distinctions across modules. I  was then awarded a scholarship with leading products brand Aesculap in March 2013, having been nominated by Groom Team England. These invaluable experiences helped develop my professional ability and knowledge of the industry, giving me the confidence to ‘go for it’ and open my own grooming salon, something I’m really proud to be doing.

Lois and THAT West Highland Terrier from the Cesar adverts!

Lois and THAT West Highland Terrier from the Cesar adverts!

And proud you should definitely be! On this point, what do you think has been the most exciting or rewarding moments of your career so far?

 Setting up and starting my own business has been the most rewarding part of my short career so far. I built Vanity Furr from scratch and within quite a short time period it has already developed into a well-known and very well supported little enterprise.

 What inspired you to, as you said “go for it” and create Vanity Furr?

Dog grooming is all I have ever wanted to do. My love, passion and enthusiasm for the dog grooming industry paired with my obsession for perfection and drive for independence meant that having my own business seemed like the obvious path to take.


Do you have any advice for current students keen to pursue a dog grooming  related career?Dog-groomer-Lois-and-safe-grooming-environment

Be prepared to work extremely hard!  You don’t get anything in this industry without putting 100% effort into everything you do. The animals always come first no matter what. Never doubt your abilities, and ALWAYS strive to be bigger and better.

Great advice, thanks for that Lois. Just one final question now, you’ve already built up a successful business at just 20 years old, what’s the next goal?

I’m passionate to continue working hard doing the job I love with the intention of expanding Vanity Furr. My ultimate goal is to earn myself a place on Groom Team England.

Visit find out more about Lois and Vanity Furr Dog Grooming.

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