Summer ball is nearly upon us

Alright guys,

Summer Ball is nearly upon us and we are very nearly sold out of tickets! So if you haven’t got yours yet, make sure you do soon. The meal tickets are also on sale now from the canteen. So if you want to be part of the biggest summer ball meal ever then book your tickets for only £7.00.

The Student Association for next year has now been selected and will be in post from September. You’ll get to know their faces as they will also be on the Fresher’s Crew this September. Elections will be in place from September for new students to assist the in-place SA.

Next week you will see some of the SA at Cheshire Show, where we will be stewarding for the event. In doing this we will gain a donation of £500 to add on to our RAG total for St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice. At the moment we have a projected total of £9700, so look out for events that we can raise £300 at to get to our total of £10,000!

Check in next week for another update.

Sam Norfolk
SA President