CowSignals® training for farmers

£100pp including lunch and refreshments.

Happy Cows, Happy Farmers, Happy Planet!

Reaseheath College is now providing CowSignals® advice and training for farmers in Cheshire. CowSignals® is a worldwide used approach that helps dairy farmers to prevent disease and prolong the lifetime of cattle. It is already offered by 400 advisors and trainers in over 60 countries and now is also available at Reaseheath.

CowSignals® is a simple and practical approach to improve dairy management. The goal is to improve cow welfare and increase income and working pleasure for the farmer. Happy cows, happy farmers!

Happy cows

The world average age for cows is 2,5 lactations. Only the top 1% of global farmers  have an average of 6 lactations. They are doing all the right things right! CowSignals® believes every farmer can go from 2,5 lactations to 5 lactations if farmers learn how to prevent diseases like lameness, mastitis and ketosis. To do that, farmers need to be able to see all the cow signals. They need to continuously keep a critical eye on animal welfare and provide cows with their basic needs.

Happy farmers

Going from 2,5 lactations to 5  is also better for the farmer. it takes 2 lactations for a cow to pay back her rearing costs. Also, the yearly milk production of older cows is significantly higher than that of younger cows. With CowSignals® farmers can improve dairy management to increase their income and have more working pleasure.

About CowSignals®

CowSignals® founder Joep Driessen: “Cows send out useful information every moment of the day. You just need to know how to read the signals. CowSignals® trainers educate dairymen in the field of practical dairy farming. The focus is on the cows demands on barn, feed and care. Dairy farming is about cows after all. Our lectures inform and confront in a pleasant way. Our training is instructive and practical. Our advice is to the point and based on scientific knowledge”. Find out more here.