Reaseheath College offers training and specialist support to Veterinary Practices across the North West.

Making a positive contribution to the Veterinary Nursing profession is a priority area for us. We pride ourselves in placing learners at the heart of all we do and recognise the wider competencies we can deliver to benefit your business in the form of customer care skills, effective team working, numeracy and literacy skills.

We have a dedicated state of the art Veterinary Nursing facilities that includes a preparation area, hospitalisation, dispensary area, anaesthetic area, sterilisation units, laboratory and a radiography area. (Complete with high quality radiography equipment donated by Xograph Healthcare Ltd).

Our Animal Management Centre enables your Student Veterinary Nurses to gain hands-on experience with a full range of domestic, companion, exotic and large animals. They undertake routine duties specifically simulated to reflect individual practice preferences whilst still ensuring preparation for qualification standards.

Our lecturing team is led by Registered Veterinary Nurses, who are experienced in the industry and in teaching and delivering of Level 2 and 3 programmes of learning. Each of our practices are provided with a personal point of contact to ensure all of your individual needs are considered and communication continues to be hassle free and timely.

We pride ourselves in working effectively with both Training Practices and those practices keen to develop their businesses and employees further.

We provide an advisory service to those wanting to become a Training Practice that supports the approval process to be completed simply, transparently, and having low impact on your time and resources.

If you are a Veterinary Practice looking to support your Student Veterinary Nurse and are not yet an accredited training practice, then you may find the following information useful.

We also now offer CPD to Veterinary Practices affiliated with us. Please contact to find out more or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

If you are a practice looking to support your student veterinary nurse and are not yet an accredited training practice, or if you are wanting to look at our current nurse training discounts, then you may find the following information useful.

What is an RCVS approved Training Practice (TP)?

A veterinary practice that is approved by the RCVS to offer clinical placements/employment for students. If your veterinary practice does not have all the resources for full Training Practice approval (TP), you may be able gain ‘Auxiliary Training Practice’ (ATP) status.

What’s in it for you?

Reaseheath College as your affiliated approved ‘Centre for veterinary nursing’ will offer consistent support and on-going quality assurance through the approval process. You will be allocated a Veterinary Nursing Training Practice Liaison/Assessor – as your dedicated point of contact. When a practice provides ‘Clinical Supervisor’ Reaseheath will provide training at no extra cost to your practice. As an approved Training Practice (TP) or Auxiliary Training Practice (ATP) you will play a vital role in providing vocational training and clinical experience for Student Vet Nurses – you’ll be ensuring the next generation are industry ready.

My practice does not have a Clinical Supervisor

This is an area we can provide training for, however, there does need to be a named Registered Veterinary Nurse or Veterinary Surgeon willing to assist the Student Veterinary Nurse with their training whilst on the course. OneFile is an e-portfolio whereby the Clinical Supervisor in practice will support the student to progress in numerous practical skills taking into account the RCVS Day One Skills and Competencies.

What is involved with a set up visit?

Veterinary Nursing Training Practice Liaison/Assessor will be in touch with the practice when we have received confirmation of your support for the Student Veterinary Nurse you are providing the placement for. A date and time will be organised for a visit to take place, this will include completion of paperwork and a thorough tour of the practice and its equipment to ensure it achieves all the criteria to become accredited as a Training Practice. The visit will take around two hours to complete, this is preferably done with the Practice Principle or Head Veterinary Nurse.

We also now offer CPD to Veterinary Practices affiliated with us. Please contact to find out more or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.