RAG…it’s coming!

Alright guys,

I attended the Ultrabeat social last week and it was good to see some new faces there. If anyone has any photos from this night then please send them to me via my email – samn@reaseheath.ac.uk. I will put some of the photos up on the Facebook page.

We are now in the final planning stage for our RAG week. We want an all-time high attendance for our events to make this year the best yet!  So far we’ve been planning some of our big events like the beer barrow race, raft race, and RAG Ball.  We also have some new events like the slip ‘n’ slide and Stranded. If you want to take part in any of these events or help organise them then let a member of the SA know.

The second lambing weekend has just gone and we are hoping to have raised a total of £1500. For any students that helped out over either I would like to thank you on behalf of the SA.  You have all done a great job and we want this spirit to carry on through till the end of the year.

Check in next week for another update.

Sam Norfolk
SA President