Upcoming Clinics

Here at Reaseheath College we pride ourselves on the training and educating of horse and rider. We are proud to offer a wide range of weekday clinics happening all year round including:

  • Weekly Polework Clinic
  • Alternating Flat and Grid Clinics
  • Stable management Training (including BHS Stage exams)
  • Online BHS/Equine Husbandry Courses

All our clinics and training are taught by are amazing Equine Team of instructors and lectures. All of whom have a wide range of experience and specialist areas from there many years of work. All our staff undergo regular CPD (continuing professional development) to make sure that they are up to date with all there is to know in the equine world and how to best to deliver it back to the client.

Entries to these clinics and training can be found on EQUO and our Online Shop.

We welcome you to call the office on 01270 616497 if you have any questions or want a chat about how we can help you with your equine journey.

Cancellation policy – Any cancelations must be made 48 hours prior to the clinic or educational day, if canceled within 48 hours no refunds or transfers will be permitted.

Test Riding Clinic’s

Open to all levels and abilities, this is a fantastic opportunity to get your horse ready for competition in a controlled environment following the lockdown. Take away the stress of a real competition and practice in a friendly and relaxed environment.

The 1:1 test practice is held in our indoor arena with white boards. At Reaseheath there is also the advantage of having full mirrors on the short AND long sides.

  • British Dressage test available: Intro – Advanced Medium
  • British Eventing test available: 91, 92, 95, 102, 106 & 108
  • Music tests also available

Variety of 20 x 40 and 20 x 60 depending on the clinic and instructor.

Don’t feel ready for a test? No problem! You can book on for 1:1 training only.

Cancellation policy – Any cancelations must be made 48 hours prior to the clinic start time, if canceled within 48 hours no refunds or transfers will be permitted.

Pony Days

£50pp – 10.00am 3.00pm. All Children will receive a certificate and rosette.
So why not give your child a treat during the holidays to start the summer off right. This is the perfect treat for any pony mad child!
Pony day’s are suitable for children aged 8-13.
They are sure to fall in love with their horse or pony and go home with lots of special memories from their day at Reaseheath Equestrian Centre.
They get the chance to learn how to groom, tack up, and even ride Flicka our mechanical horse, and play equine games.
Lunch is not included so please bring your own packed lunch,
Please ensure your child is wearing the correct clothing this includes, No Hoodies, No Jewellery, Suitable footwear including wellies, riding boots or heeled boots (no trainers), Trousers, leggings, or jodhpurs (no shorts or skirts), gloves, a Riding hat or cycle helmet if you have them, however, are not essential.
Cancellation policy – Any cancelations must be made 48 hours prior to the day, if canceled within 48 hours no refunds or transfers will be permitted.




Mechanical Horse Sessions

Lessons are £25 for 30 minutes with our resident instructor’s,

Our mechanical horse, Flicker, is designed to help riders, of all ages and abilities, improve their riding. Using a mechanical horse is a fantastic way to correct your straightness and balance, without the interference of real horse. Thanks to the mechanical horse’s capabilities, it is suitable for any level rider. From practicing your ‘up, downs’ to practicing your flying changes!

Flicker is a life size horse and you can even bring your own saddle to practice on! Flicker is located in a fully mirrored room so you can see what the instructor is seeing and gain a better understanding.

Our instructor will modify every session to suit your needs and is extremely flexible in their teaching style.

We have a remote to control Flicker and can therefore adhere to social distancing regulations throughout your session.

Riders will be asked to bring their own riding hat.

Weight limit of 13 stone applies.

Please call 01270 616497 to book and then use Online Shop to confirm the booking


Equine Events 

Telephone: 01270 616497  

Email: equineevents@reaseheath.ac.uk