RHES go to The Deep

RHES took a trip to the world’s only submarium ‘The Deep’, located in Hull. The Deep is home to one of the UK’s largest aquariums and a large collection of terrestrial invertebrates. After having a good look around the attraction the group were given a behind the scenes tour of the facilities of The Deep by Claire and Kirsten. This included: the Jellyfish quarantine, coral quarantine, Bug quarantine and above the big tank (pictured).

Following the behind the scenes tour, Claire and Kirsten talked the group through the in-house theming. At The Deep the enclosure revamps and theming is all carried out by the team. They are highly trained and enthusiastic and have a lot of skills that can benefit the RHES group. They talked the group through theming processes, materials and any problems they encountered. The new Gentoo Penguin Display included some fascinating theming including fake ice and leaking dry stone walls.

RHES have picked up some great ideas for future projects from the The Deep.  It is hoped that in the new academic year Claire and Kirsten will come up to Reaseheath and potential provide a theming workshop for students.

RHES would like to thank Claire and Kirsten from The Deep for taking time out of their day to talk to them and for sharing their experiences. Also, a huge thank you to Joe for driving RHES all the way to Hull.