Students who have gone the further mile in demonstrating  Reaseheath’s PRIDE values or made extra effort leading to achievement or progress were recognised at our latest ‘Student of the Term’ awards.

Each department had the difficult task of choosing one outstanding student to put forward for this accolade. The citations were read out during an on-line celebration attended by Reaseheath’s senior staff, the award winners themselves and their family members.

A shorter, face to face meeting was also held at college and those who could attend were congratulated in person by Principal Marcus Clinton. All received a certificate, a cash voucher and a copy of their citation for their CV.

Our Spring term awards went to:


Ella Plews (Level 2 Technical Certificate in Animal Management)

Ella was selected for her resilience at managing significant health conditions and for her determination to succeed.

Using empathy to fully understand Ella’s individual needs, our teaching team put a support plan in place which has allowed Ella to make huge progress both academically and personally. She has progressed to a full time programme, completes her assignments on time and to a high level and works professionally alongside staff to get the best from her education. She has also made friends among her peers.

Course Manager Gabby Hobart-Davies and Programme Leader Lucy Brydon say: “We are so proud of how far Ella has come and how many barriers she overcomes and manages on a daily basis. She is an inspirational young person, who we expect to go far at Reaseheath and in the animal industry in years to come.”


Liam Cheetham (Horticulture Operative Apprenticeship Level 2)

Liam was nominated  due to his hard work, commitment, and passion for his industry.

He demonstrates a comprehensive skill set, which allow him to rapidly progress and thrive, and in particular shows a keen eye for detail, particularly in green space maintenance and plant propagation and establishment. Notably he seeks out opportunities to further develop his character and seeks to collaborate with others across all areas at his workplace. It is unusual for apprentices to engage in these practices so early in their apprenticeship programme.

He has an extremely positive attitude to his academic work and uses his free time to develop his working knowledge through industry research. A popular student at college, he supports his peers during practical work sessions.

Skills Coach Robbie Goodridge says: “Liam’s proactive personality and strength of character to succeed and exceed his own targets bring a real breath of fresh air to the course.”


Courtney Dodd (T Level Management and Administration)

A very capable and hard working student, Courtney was one of the first students in her cohort to secure a work placement (with South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce).

Her detailed application secured her an interview and she was successful despite stiff competition.

Initially finding her placement challenging, she showed great resilience and has since blossomed, now taking the initiative in the projects she has been set. Her employer mentor has praised her effort and professionality throughout.

Programme Leader Jonathan Gateley says: “We believe Courtney has displayed the PRIDE characteristics Reaseheath expects and we are delighted with her progress.”


Will Penk  (Level 1 Diploma in Carpentry and Joinery)

Will has made tremendous strides during the three years he has been a Reaseheath student. He has grown hugely in confidence, works independently and keenly showcases his skills and examples of his work to his Inclusive Learning Practitioner and tutors.

Inspired by a college trip to Axminister Tools, where he was introduced to wood-turning tools and the work that could be produced, he has grown his skill in this area and often spends time on the college wood lathes producing pens.

He has also built up a great group of friends and confidently communicates with and supports his peers.

Inclusive learning practitioner Paul Rowlands says: “Will always strives to be the best he can be. He is very positive and the personal progress he has made is more than any student I’ve had involvement with in my four years at Reaseheath.”


Tom Ruby-Wilson (Level 2 Technical Certificate in Land and Wildlife)

Tom joined his course with the aim of building his confidence in the workplace and learning industry skills.

He began work experience with Reaseheath’s grounds team and was soon implementing his new skills and earning excellent feedback for his professional working standards. This has been reflected in his excellent practical achievements in class. He has also shown outstanding academic progress in his coursework and functional skills.

Working with the college grounds team has boosted his confidence and empowered him to apply to external employers. Hopefully this will lead to an apprenticeship in horticulture.

Course Manager Jasmine Hulse says: “Tom has really grown both in his achievements and his confidence. He is consistently a positive, hardworking and successful member of the class. He should be proud of his achievements and is well on his way to achieving his goal of working in the horticulture industry.”


Ross Parker (Level 2 Diploma in Automotive Maintenance and Repair)

Ross is completing his fourth year at Reaseheath, having progressed through Key Stage 4 and Level 1.

Although he has had academic challenges to face he has overcome these by working with his tutors to ensure he benefits fully from each session. He also constantly expands his practical ability and knowledge and coaches other students on his programme. He passed all six exams with fantastic results and the motor vehicle team believe he is now realising his full potential and skills set.

Programme Leader Steve Radcliffe says: “Ross is a pleasure to teach. He has a bright future and I feel he will exceed expectations in academic and work environments.”


Katey Dallolio (Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Equine Management)

Katey transferred to Reaseheath in her second year, settled in immediately and has proved to have an excellent work ethic and a mature attitude towards her coursework.  She has strong self-motivation, is a popular member of her group and is supportive of her peers and the department’s staff.

She works diligently on the yard caring for a wide variety of horses and always follows effective management practice with a horse centred approach. She also  strives to extend her equitation skills and frequently asks about the scales of training and how they impact horse performance through correct schooling.

In addition Katey swims competitively and manages to fit in her swim training, fitness and gym work while completing her coursework to a consistently high standard. She  typically spends around 18 hours a week in the pool, plus time at the gym, and also has a Saturday job.

Recently the equine team discovered that she is the current Gold North Wales Regional Champion in the 50m and 100m back stroke and was one of the youngest competitors to compete at the British Championships against current Olympians – finishing in a respectable position.

Course Manager Tina Booth says: “Despite the long hours Katey remains enthusiastic and dedicated to both her swimming and to her course and is a worthy recipient of the Student of the Term award for Equine. “


Jay Clulow (Level 2 Diploma in Professional Bakery)

Jay is showing real competence in a range of skills and the bread, cakes and pastries he produces are superb.  He also shows a real talent for cake decorating.

Jay is enthusiastic in all lessons; he works well with his peers and supports others by  gathering equipment and ingredients and clearing up after practical lessons. He is also the student rep., discussing any issues in class in a mature way and asking before meetings if anyone has any feedback so he can be the voice for the whole cohort rather than just his own class.

Outside Reaseheath, Jay has recently been promoted to Crew Trainer in his part time job at McDonald’s.  This involves supporting shift managers and making sure that customers are served hot, fresh and enjoyable food. He makes this happen by ensuring his co-workers are aware of their responsibilities and by directing the team to work together to stock up all stations, enabling a quick and efficient service.

Course Manger Sam Copeland says: “Jay is a good friend to all and displays true PRIDE values in all he does. We look forward to watching his progress next year at Level 3 and we are confident that he will have a very successful career in the baking industry.”


Lucy Byrom (Level 1 Extended Certificate in Employability Skills)

Lucy is an exemplary student who has shown great personal growth in her time at Reaseheath.

She has shown great resilience and personal strength to gain an external work placement at Scoop and Scales, a plastic free shop in Macclesfield (also showing her commitment to Sustainability!). In doing this she has pushed herself out of her comfort zone and embraced new challenges.

She began work experience working in our FEAST Café, where she became a valued team member and then moved over to the Boot Zone, a new environment with different staff.

She overcame early apprehension and quickly grew her confidence. This resilience, alongside her diligence in the classroom, makes her a fantastic role model to her peers. She is also committed to self development as she knows this will help her progress into employment.

Her department team say: “Lucy is a fantastic member of the Foundation Student Team and thoroughly deserves to be Student of the Term.”


Lucie Clayton (Level 2 Diploma in Floristry)

Although Lucie had no previous floristry experience she has already made her mark within the department.

Her passion for floristry shines through in all aspects of her work and she has  proved to be a valuable member of staff during her work placement in the department..

She gives a lot of thought to each design she creates and has produced some great designs as a result. Lucie helped create presentation bouquets for the Reaseheath  Centenary Dinner, and did this professionally and efficiently. The bouquets were very much appreciated by the recipients and praised by all who attended.

Course Manager Helen Longshaw says: “Lucie consistently displays a positive attitude and is always ready to embrace new challenges, often supporting other students along the way. It’s a pleasure to have her in the Floristry department and lovely to watch her progress on a professional and personal level.”


Riley Critchley (Key Stage 4 NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Food and Cookery Skills/NCFE LEVEL 1 Certificate in Business and Enterprise)

Riley was nominated due to his hard work and the high level of effort he applies to his theory and practical sessions. He will shortly complete his second year on the programme and continues to aim for a career in the food industry.

Riley participates in all activities with enthusiasm and strives to complete tasks to a very high standard. He works extremely well individually and as part of a team, and will often support his peers.

He has a proactive attitude towards the programme’s academic and practical tasks and is working to the best of his ability to achieve his qualification this year.

Programme Lead Susan Gilding says: “Riley continues to be a reliable member of his group and a valued member of the Reaseheath community. He is very deserving of this award.”

GCSE Maths and English

Ernest Mazur (Construction)

Ernest is a truly exceptional student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to his studies. His consistently high levels of punctuality, politeness, and organisation have made him a role model for his peers.

What truly sets Ernest apart is his unwavering commitment to his studies. He has made remarkable progress in both GCSE Maths and English, his impressive grades being a testament to his dedication to improving his language skills. In Maths he is always willing to seek help and work hard on difficult problems and demonstrates a genuine passion for the subject.

He is an active participant in class discussions and some of his insightful ideas have helped his peers make progress. He stays behind after class to ensure that his work is complete and frequently takes his exercise book home for revision.

Maths and English lecturers Victoria Tomlinson and Joe Cartwright say: “Ernest’s dedication, hard work and outstanding levels of resilience have made him a deserving candidate for Student of the Term. He is a true inspiration to his peers and a credit to the college. We have no doubt that he will continue to excel and achieve great things in the future.”


Alisha Lowe (Physical Activity Fitness and Exercise Science (Personal Training)

Alongside her course work, Alisha has been volunteering with the college wellbeing team to help students who require additional mental health support. Working closely with student clients who are referred to her, she reveals how exercise can benefit mental health, conducts initial consultations to establish individual needs and devises specific training plans which she delivers with a high level of professionalism.

She has chosen to take on this extra duty to further her knowledge of mental health and to support her studies and practice of personal training.

Along with fellow students, Alisha has also helped to run a sports massage clinic which supports our sports teams and public service students with their training and recovery. She also assists the sports department during sports fixtures by umpiring netball games, and is working towards additional coaching and umpiring qualifications in sports such as hockey to increase her employability.

Course Manager Sophie Bronze says: “Alisha is a prime example of someone who focusses on acquiring industry knowledge and skills. This will ensure that she is ready to take the next steps in her career as soon as she completes her qualification.”

Student Services

Emilie Dean (Foundation student)

Emilie has been hugely influential in encouraging foundation students to become involved in the many events taking place in the wider student life.

She chose to join the Student Life team for her work experience and was quick to step out of her comfort zone to challenge students who were not wearing ID badges. She also gathered college feedback on behalf of the Student Association and helped to organise student activities.

She then became the first foundation student to volunteer for car park marshalling at a college event and did a fantastic job welcoming visitors on their arrival.

She made such an impression that she has now been offered an exclusive opportunity to continue her work placement assisting at the college reception. The Student Life Team say they are sad to lose her but are excited to see how much she will bring to her new role.

Student Life Co-ordinator Rob Sparkes says: “We are happy and proud to see how much Emilie has grown in confidence. She is an inspiration to other students and well deserving of this award.”

University Centre Reaseheath

Andres Martinez (FdSc Sustainable Agriculture with Livestock Management)

Andres returned to learning at Reaseheath in September after a number of years working in industry, having previously studied Agriculture at Level 3 here from 2016 to 2018.

He settled into life as a mature student very well, submitting work to a high standard, rarely seen at Level 4. His academic strength is particularly evident in his report writing, which consistently draws from and engages with a wide range of high quality academic literature.

Alongside his academic commitments, Andres continues to play a major role in his family’s farming business. This entails him managing his time efficiently to ensure that his learning and assessment remains a priority while he continues to develop his role within the family business.

Academic Registrar Tom Furness says: “His course team feel that Andres deserves the Student of the Term award and we hope that he continues to achieve excellent things as his studies progress.”