Our first year Level 3 Conservation students have been busy this term, creating a more natural and sustainable woodland on campus, next to our on-site lake. 

Before the start of the project, we had many overgrown laurels and rhododendrons which have prevented woodland ground flora and sapling native trees from growing. Our students therefore got to work clearing glades, and then began planting new sapling oaks, rowan and silver birch. They also hope to be able to restore the ground flora with bluebells and other native plants in the future.

Although hard work, this project is proving to be highly rewarding, with many students commenting on how beneficial making these improvements have been already.

This practical experience is great for our students who will be able to use what they learn to progress into jobs such as a Conservation Ranger, an Ecologist, a Farm Advisor, or roles within the Environment Agency, to name just a few. Many of our students also progress onto degree level courses to enhance their knowledge and skills, and complete courses such as Conservation, Environmental Science, Geography, Ecology or Marine Biology.

As well as the conservation skills and experience the students are gaining through this project, the students are also developing their confidence and team working skills, which will also be essential when they come to apply for the next steps of their careers.

If you would like to explore a career in this area, take a look at our Conservation courses.