Societies are a big part of Reaseheath life and are wonderful to be involved in. There is a wide range of societies at Reaseheath including photography, acapella, LGBTQPA+, communications, animal societies and RAG, just to name a few! Reaseheath is very welcoming too, so if there isn’t currently a society for your area of interest, you can set one up with the help and support of Reaseheath!

Click on the tabs below to read more about the range of societies available:

The photography society is a great way to meet new people and gives you opportunities to go on trips around the UK. We recently had a trip to Blackpool Zoo for example, to take photos of the animals and the scenery. It was a great day out and you can get some good snapshots! It is also a great way for people who don’t know how to use cameras to learn from other students who have the same interest.

The acapella society, called the Aca’rangers, was set up by an existing student who was interested in acapella. It is a popular society and members perform at events such as the Christmas Carol Concert and our annual lambing event! Along with this, Aca’rangers perform to aid our RAG society (mentioned below) to raise money for charity!

LGBTQPA+ is a society set up by students themselves to allow their voice to be heard and provides support to fellow students who may be going through a process and need to see a friendly face! It is a wonderful society to join as you can express anything you want.

Animal societies are very popular as Reaseheath has a lot of animal-based courses. Animal societies allow you to learn more about the animals you are interested in, have more practical time on the zoo and work with animals you may not have the chance of working with on your course.

The communications society is part of the Student Association (SA) mentioned below. This society helps to promote events and get creative by making posters or spreading the word about any event that may be coming up at Reaseheath. It allows students to learn new skills and get to know other students and make new friends.

RAG is one of the main societies at Reaseheath and stands for Raising and Giving. It helps to raise money for a charity that is chosen by students at the beginning of the year. In the past we have raised money for Diabetes UK, Make A Wish, Vision, British Heart Foundation and many, many more! Being part of RAG, you get the opportunity to help plan, organise and run events with your friends and have fun at the same time. This society is very rewarding and lovely to be a part of.

These are just some examples of societies at Reaseheath. When you are part of a society you get to meet new people and gain skills such as team work, organisation, people skills, confidence, tech skills and many more! They are also beneficial for your CV as it shows you have commitment and volunteering experience.

The Student Association (SA) is a group of students that volunteer to help run the entertainment side of student life. You could choose to join the SA, as there are a number of roles open to students. These include;

  • President (the only paid role within the SA)
  • Vice president
  • RAG (Raising and giving for charity) president
  • Campaigns officer
  • EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) officer
  • Evening entertainments officers
  • Safeguarding officers
  • Generals

All of these positions are filled by students that work alongside staff to help put on events and run the activities and socials. The Student Association is like a Reaseheath family which allows students to express themselves while being part of something special.