Our equine staff are continuing to consolidate their knowledge of equitation science.

International trainer Lisa Ashton from EquiSci returned to our Equestrian Centre last month for a second day of dedicated staff training.

Reaseheath is one of the earliest colleges to adopt this relatively new science into its teaching programmes. Equitation Science focuses on the principles of the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) which include the study of learning, psychology, biomechanics and ethology (natural behaviour) and applies them to horse training.

This latest training day included practical demonstrations on the application of equitation science in the handling and desensitisation of horses to procedures such as clipping, and ridden sessions.

Equine lecturer Dawn Joyce, who had just enjoyed riding in our indoor arena with fellow lecturer Jo Roper, new Yard Manager Paul Stenson and Equine Commercial and Resource Manager Zoe Cappaert, said: “This training has been very helpful. It has given us the tools to help students get the most out of their horses.”

In addition to two staff only sessions, Lisa ran a training day in October attended by over 135 equine students. She had previously produced a web based presentation introducing the fundamentals of Equitation Science which the students accessed at the start of their studies. The practical workshops offered an opportunity for them to ask questions and to put their learning into practice.

Dawn Joyce and Ice get a debrief from Lisa