Eli Bradley

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business with Events and Tourism 2022

School: Weaverham High School

Job title: Owner of SOLESTOCKUK, online shoe sales

“I’ve always planned to enter the business world. I Iike the idea of working for myself and choosing my own way in life.

“My business is in its second year and I’m very happy with the way it’s developed. I sell different types of shoes and sizes over a range of internet platforms. The majority are trainer-type shoes but I also sell other styles.

“I started by selling hyped branded clothes but realised that the shoes market offered good potential. There’s been a big cultural shift and shoes have become the way people express themselves. I’ve invested and built up my stock and gained lots of good feedback and return business.

“I can make a sale within an hour of listing and I do the packing and posting myself. It’s a global market and I’m often responding to email enquiries in the middle of the night – you need to give people an immediate response, otherwise they go elsewhere.

“I thought this course was my best option because it’s very diverse and covers the skills you need in real world business like finance and tax. My lecturers have been very supportive too.”