For Motor Vehicle students at Reaseheath College, the past term has been a gear shift into the exciting world of automotive dealerships.

Thanks to a collaboration with RRG Group, one of the biggest dealer groups in the North West, students got a first-hand look at the inner workings of a dealership and the diverse career paths available.

A recent visit to the RRG Group site in Macclesfield wasn’t just a walk-through of a showroom. Students were given real-world scenarios to act out, placing them in the shoes of customers with different needs.

In one situation students played the role of a driver who pulls up at the service centre without an appointment. They witnessed how the showroom staff handles unexpected arrivals, how service advisors diagnose problems, and how the workshop team springs into action.  A visit to the parts department capped off the experience, showcasing how vital parts are to keeping vehicles running smoothly.

Another scenario placed students in the role of a customer with a pre-booked appointment.  They observed the handover process, the customer waiting areas, and how service advisors ensure a smooth and efficient service experience.

For some students, the showroom was the centre stage. They played the role of a customer interested in a new car, asking the sales team questions about hybrid technology.  This scenario highlighted the importance of product knowledge, customer service, and the exciting world of car sales.

Students also got a chance to chat with Stephen Perry, Group Recruitment Specialist for RRG Group who visited the college earlier in the month. During his presentation to Level 1, 2 and 3 students he focussed on essential employability skills and career opportunities within the industry covering topics such as strong communication, resilience in a fast-paced environment, teamwork abilities, and the importance of foundational English and maths skills.

He also gave students an industry focused glimpse of the types of tasks they might encounter and highlighted overall skills gaps in the automotive industry, showcasing the diverse career opportunities available.

He said: “I believe it’s essential to engage with Motor Vehicle students at Reaseheath College to illuminate the diverse career opportunities within the automotive industry.

“These discussions are vital as they not only help young talent understand the benefits of working with leading dealerships within RRG Group but also guide them in making informed career choices.

“By showcasing the structured career paths, advanced training programmes, and innovative work environments we offer, we can inspire the next generation of automotive professionals to pursue fulfilling and dynamic careers with us.”

Savraj Bains, Engineering Curriculum Area Manager at Reaseheath College, said: “This collaboration is a prime example of how real-world experience can complement classroom learning.

“By getting a taste of the dealership environment, our Motor Vehicle students are better equipped to make informed decisions about their future careers in the exciting world of automotive sales and service.”